Why Tree Health

Why Choose Tree Health Management?

Superior Team

Have you ever spent a long, sleepless night thinking about how best to keep your tree healthy? Hopefully not but we have! Our staff of Certified Arborists and Technicians are some of the top experts in the industry and our owners have over thirty years of combined experience in all facets of tree care. So, you could go with those two guys down the street who have a chainsaw and a pickup truck but why not choose a company full of experts who are happy to lose a little sleep in order to keep your trees and shrubs looking and feeling their best.

Oh, and we have trucks and chainsaws too.

Superior Service

When you or your trees need us the most, we will be there. We don’t slide down fire poles and they wont let us put sirens on our trucks but we do offer same day emergency service in addition to scheduled pruning and ongoing health management. Are you worried about your lawn? Well, then so are we. That’s why we use advanced rigging techniques according to ANSI safety standards to assure that we can leave your property nicer than we found it. Do you want a tree removed but don’t want to harm the nest full of Robin’s eggs that is in it? It wouldn’t be the first time for us. We are always just a phone call away, ready to answer questions and give advice on not only your trees but the entire ecosystem that is your property.

Superior Green Technology

We offer OMRI Certified Organic products so you know that not only your trees and plants will be healthy but also your family and our environment will be safe from unnecessary chemicals. If pesticides are deemed necessary due to an insect infestation, we will always consult with you and, should you choose to go forward, always use the minimum effective amount. Unlike other companies, we track the life cycles of various insects and pests (believe it or not that’s our idea of fun!) so that no treatment is ever excessive or unneeded. We use the most advanced technology to test your plants, inside and out, above ground and below, and are one of only a few companies in the state that make use of tree decay detection technology to pinpoint an issue and track it through the years.

Superior Passion

We love nature and especially trees!  We treat your property as though it were our own and go to great lengths to make sure you know exactly what we are doing and how it will affect the health of your trees and yard as a whole. We hope to build a relationship with you and your trees not just make a quick buck swinging a chainsaw around.

Discover the Tree Health Management difference!  Call 608-223-9120 to have one of our certified arborists evaluate your property.