Tree Decay Detection

Trees can’t exactly tell us when they are struggling and many times visual symptoms don’t appear until the problem has considerably progressed. At Tree Health Management we use cutting edge technology that allows us to see inside the tree and to determine exactly where the decay is located and how far it has progressed.

Unlike other tree care companies, we track the life cycles of various insects and diseases so that we don’t recommend any excessive or unnecessary treatments.  It also helps us to educate you on what issues are likely coming and what you can do ahead of time to prevent an infestation or disease.

We can test your soil as well as the inner workings of your trees to diagnose exactly what is ailing them.   We are one of only a handful of companies in the state that make use of tree decay detection technology to pinpoint the exact issues and also to track them over years.

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Our technology helps us to create a comprehensive graph of a tree and determine which of the five walls of the tree is experiencing decay.   We are then able to determine how the decay is spreading and keep records to determine if the issue is progressing or if the tree is regaining its health.

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