Plant Nutrition

Organic Deep Root Feedings

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If you see any member of the Tree Health Team out and about, please feel free to ask us what on earth we are doing! Take Nathan, over here, for example. What is he doing?! Well he is using specialized equipment to infuse the soil with a custom blend of organic mycorrhizae and trichoderma fungi to increase the absorption capability of roots, along with a blend of organic fertilizers including humic acids, vitamins, nutrients and minerals to make sure that those roots have only the best things to absorb. We also add beneficial microbe foods to encourage root growth and the best root function.

We infuse our products directly into the root zone. The process aims to restore and invigorate stressed trees, and to maintain trees that have limited resources. We often joke that these plants and trees eat better than we do!

Micronutrient Supplements

Sometimes tests reveal there are micronutrients needed by trees in greater quantity than available in the soil, or that the tree is inhibited from up taking these nutrients.  Should this be the case, micronutrients are either injected into the soil, or in some cases, into the tree. Nathan, up there, is doing a soil injection and looks pretty happy about it.

New Tree Acclimation

We offer treatments to newly planted trees and shrubs to help them adjust to their new surroundings better and faster, giving new plants the best possible start. ¬†We infuse the rootballs with a large amount of water, softening and loosening it to allow roots to expand into the new space. The treatment is followed by an infusion of mycorrhizal fungi, micronutrients and natural root growth enhancers. It feels good to give a new planting the little boost it needs to become a long-lasting part of it’s environment. I think that’s why Nathan is smiling.

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