Insect and Disease Management


The first step in treating any disease or insect problem must be proper diagnosis.  Our owners have over 30 years of combined in the field experience and have safely and effectively diagnosed hundreds of trees. Once a diagnosis is made, we make sure to properly and sustainably treat your plants and ,once a treatment is made, you won’t need to hound us with any questions or follow ups. Once your tree or plant is in our system, we will receive regular notifications, gentle reminders that your tree is a part of our lives now as well and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the relationships that we build and have built with our clients and the trees and plants on their properties over the years.

Targeted and Preventative Insect Control

Including but not limited to:

Foliar Disease Treatment

Including but not limited to:

  • Mildew
  • Needle Cast
  • Scab


Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm Disease Treatment and Management Plans

Oak wilt and Dutch Elm Disease have been devastating to many areas and homes in Dane County.  For more information about the causes of oak wilt and how we treat it, click here.

Worried your trees can’t be saved?  Our staff is able to protect, save and manage trees in danger of mortality due to these prevalent diseases.  It’s never too late to call 608-223-9120.